Thu 09 Jul 2020 19:12

It was great to see the Club rising once again like the Phoenix from the ashes on Tuesday evening. Some ten alicks and 13 players were at Broadway West for the first time in over four months. The Clubhouse was still out of bounds, but, with some canny initiatives, people had brought their own chairs and a wee dram or two! The Alicks did what they do best with aimless banter and the typical "taking the Mickey" - how this has been missed!! The players had a Social Distance impromptu game of footie. The sun shone on the righteous and a good time was had by all.

 The next meet is to be next Thursday 14th from 7 pm. Come along if you can and, remember, there is food to purchase in the carpark (I have it on good authority that the food is excellent and menu of the day can be found on the website). See you next week.